Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide

Dim no more.

NUVO Magazine: Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide

And when was the last time you wrestled with remembering the difference between ha gow and siu my? And both of them sitting right there, at your elbow about to become part of your brunch? Last Saturday, for me, at a favourite dim sum eatery; both of these delicious steamed dumplings arrived at once and I couldn’t recall which were the shrimp-filled and which were the pork.

That won’t be happening again; now my Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide travels everywhere with me. It’s one of the best little books to come down the lunch/brunch, food-facts, eating guide road in decades. First of all, it truly is a pocket guide, measures about the same as a package of 25 king size cigarettes used to, back in the days we had packs of 25. Back in the days we had cigarettes!

San Francisco’s enterprising Chronicle publishers has just sent it into the culinary world, it’s assembled by author/eater Kit Shan Li and in 80 pages it covers the basics of dim sum selection plus sundry other helpful bits: chopstick technique, tea, condiments, related matters.

Grab it now, for $10.95, the cost of three dishes that might otherwise turn out to be not entirely to your palate? Dim Sum: A Pocket Guide—if you do the movable Chinese mid-day feast, you need a copy.