Holes in the soles of my shoes.

NUVO Magazine: Geox

The expansion of the Geox Group into North America offers relief to belaboured feet. An avid jogger, founder Mario Moretti Polegato grew weary of suffering podiatric problems caused by rubber-soled shoes that trapped heat around the foot. He set to work on creating a shoe that would allow the foot truly to breathe but that would not permit environmental humidity to penetrate. The result is the Geox sole patent, micro-fibre technology that wicks away humidity through a breathable membrane without drawing water in through the perforations.

The group’s success is undeniable, boasting 200 freestanding shops worldwide concentrated in Italy but reaching as far as Tokyo, Bangkok, and Shanghai. A recent opening on Madison Avenue in New York will be followed this year by boutiques opening in Toronto and Montreal. Ernst and Young named Polegato “Best Italian World Entrepreneur 2003”, an accolade supported by Geox’s outstanding corporate growth in recent years. The Geox combination of classic style and high functionality promises to obviate the compromise of comfort for style.