Spotlight Volumes

Lukas Peet's pendant lights.

NUVO Blog: Lukas Peet

Vancouver-based industrial designer Lukas Peet has been enjoying the spotlight thanks to his eclectic assortment of lighting, furniture, clocks, and mirrors that have caught the attention of design magazines Dwell, Surface, Azure, and Wallpaper*, to name only a few. Most recently, Peet is the winner of the Design Exchange’s inaugural Emerging Designer Competition, and will have a solo exhibit at the Toronto museum from February 21 to April 1, 2014.

Standing out among—or shall we say presiding above—Peet’s motley objects is his aptly named Spotlight Volumes, a series of pendant lights that are both marvelously simple and simply marvelous. Like desk lamps hung by their cords, the shades dangle from the ceiling, shining light on the ceiling or floor. But where the brilliance really comes into play is the soft yellow coat that Peet has applied inside the shade to give warmth to an otherwise cool, energy-efficient fluorescent bulb. Alright—that’s pretty cool, too.