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Paloform Patios

Summer heat.

Balmy summer nights conjure up images of bonfires by the beach, s’mores aplenty, and camping trips, with stories told around a roaring fire. Toronto-based company Paloform brings these activities home with its modern fire pits for the backyard.

Concrete, stainless steel, and Corten steel form the foundations of the portable blazes, which are individually hand-crafted in Toronto. A new showroom, which opened in the city this past May, is lined with plenty of options for patio furnishings. “More people are using modern design for their backyards and roof decks,” says owner Khai Foo, “and, like their living rooms, there’s often a fire at the centre of it.”

The company’s newest model, Komodo, is a linear design just over two metres in length, both a beautiful focal piece and functional space divider. Its electronic ignition system can be activated via a wall switch or wireless remote, and instead of traditional chopped wood, choose from black lava rock or honed basalt river rocks as a sleek topping.

Paloform fire pits come in varying shapes, heights, and sizes: Bol is a vast and low-standing, circular vessel; Bento is a clean-cut square pit; Soba is a smaller fire bowl that commands a strong presence with its height. For those who want to don their creative caps, the company also offers custom design and fabrication services. Whatever geometrical shape, the fire pits are beautiful building blocks for creating an outdoor living space, marrying cool, minimalist design with the warm essence of fire.