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NewWall House

Home to lavish wallcoverings.

Minimalist trends have long reigned in the design world, but perhaps white walls, grey finishes, and neutral accents have finally been overthrown in favour of more decadent and imposing looks. For those seeking to enliven their space after an era of restraint, the weapon of choice against austerity is wallpaper. Innovative wallpapers, like those of Toronto’s new NewWall House showroom, are able to transform rooms dramatically and quickly.

“The great thing about wallpaper is that you can experiment with a more extravagant style in a very tasteful way,” says Maria Raco, founder of NewWall. After eight years sourcing and distributing one-of-a-kind European wallpapers, Raco opened her downtown brick-and-mortar showroom this spring, inside a renovated 1840s heritage building in the King East Design District. There, guests can use a tablet to peruse over 300 whimsical, bold, and contemporary styles, such as the American handmade patterns of Calico, the refined European styles of Armani, or the graphic florals of Marimekko. Then, visitors may view the designs projected full scale on a video wall. “NewWall House is not like a traditional wallpaper showroom,” explains Raco. “We mix the rich time-honoured traditions of the wallpaper industry with a modern digital shopping experience.”

Gone are the days of conventional florals and drab geometrics; modern printing technologies now allow for wallpapers capable of elevating any room—be it a hotel suite or a children’s nursery—outside the box. Welcome to the era of maximalist decor.

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