Watch: Toronto Artist STORRY’s Surreal Claymation Music Video

A story of ego and greed.

A postponed Toronto Short Film Festival due to Covid-19 hasn’t stopped Juno-nominated STORRY from releasing a new claymation music video for her song “Up”. Taken from her debut album CH III: The Come Up, which released last month, “Up” delivers a piano-forward, soulfully-sung contemplation on the hurdles of a co-dependent relationship. The video, directed by STORRY herself, was born out of her experience observing the insatiable appetites for desirability and success in the entertainment industry in L.A. while living there for three months.

The nearly four-minute video was created painstakingly over four months in her mother’s basement by STORRY and two friends with no prior film or claymation experience. It follows a couple as one partner falls into a cycle of consumption and greed while the other is left to pick up the pieces. The nuanced portrayal offers a view of the muddled grey area we find ourselves in when we love a good person with damaging behaviours.

The claymation delves into the surreal as the rapacious partner is transformed and twisted into a monster overcome with abstract colour. Here we see the artful interpretation of the ugliness of certain human traits: “often there is beauty that can still be found in the construction or deconstruction of these monstrous personalities,” STORRY explains. “There’s beauty and impact in everything but that doesn’t mean it should continue existing in the world with no consequences.”

The video is STORRY’s latest foray into filmmaking and has already earned itself widespread recognition, winning Best Editing at the Montreal International Wreath Film Festival and more.


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