Does One Sleep Better on the World’s Most Luxurious Bed? Ask Drake.

The Hästens x Ferris Rafauli Grand Vividus.

When we say goodnight and sweet dreams, we refer to an intangible ideal. But there are those who have translated sweet dreams into actual matter. Enter Hästens, the Swedish bed manufacturer whose expertise in made-to-order beds dates back 168 years. The family-run company supposedly produces the most expensive bed in the world: the Grand Vividus. The first to own one? Drake. Champagne Papi showed it off to readers in his looks-like-a-hotel home, recently featured in Architectural Digest.

The ultra-luxe $395,000 (U.S.) bed was made in collaboration with Ferris Rafauli, the Canadian interior designer tasked with the rapper’s Toronto manor project. Rafauli spent two years designing the Grand Vividus.



The Hästens x Ferris Rafauli bed is designed to make a statement. Leather is combined with suede and polished wood along with brass accents for the check-pattern frame, while the ultra-plush mattress is crafted with cotton, flax, wool, and hypoallergenic horsehair, a Hästens signature. The bed is handmade at the atelier in Köping, Sweden. It takes a master craftsman at least 600 hours to assemble and hand-stitch each mattress. Want one? Add your name to the waiting list.



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