SteMargScot Puts a Modern Spin on Canadian Wool

Wearing a SteMargScot wool coat is like being wrapped in a warm embrace. Sasha Jardine of SteMargScot launched her colourful wool outerwear brand in 2023 after being mystified by the sea of uniform synthetic puffer coats worn by Canadians each winter. Her products, made in Canada from Canadian and British wool, is a line of genderless coats, bags, and flower brooches, available in 10 bright hues, putting a modern spin on a heritage material.

Jardine pivoted to fashion from a background in science after questioning Canadian winterwear. “I wondered who killed the wool coat and whether it could once again appeal to customers in 2024,” she says. “Canada has close to a million sheep, which provides us with plenty of wool and is renewable resource.” Her mission is to create circular outerwear and reestablish the wool coat as the go-to for Canadians. “I believe there is nothing more luxurious than clothing that is deeply connected to its virgin materials. The raw materials for wool can be distilled to sunshine, water, and soil. Deliberate simplicity means that our pieces require less from the Earth,” Jardine says.


Photo by Ashley Rowe


The SteMargScot take on sweaters is undyed natural wool with chunky crewneck ribbing, akin to an heirloom item or lucky vintage store find. They include complimentary custom hand embroidered words such as song lyrics like “it was all a dream” or Jardine’s optimistic “when sheep fly,” a reminder that anything is possible with wool.

Transparency and sustainability are pillars of the brand at a time when greenwashing is rampant. Jardine is committed to making apparel in Canada and using responsibly sourced fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. Doubling down on her commitment to the planet, she knows exactly where the wool comes from. Not only does she know the flock of sheep, she visits them and their shepherdess, Romy Schill, the owner of Revolution Wool Co. just outside Toronto.



Photo by Ashley Rowe


Producing fully traceable garments was Jardine’s pie-in-the-sky dream for a sustainable fashion brand. “I knew that if we were able to source wool locally, the duster would be a worthy addition. Our first batch of the Canadian Wool Dusters sold out in less than 48 hours and can be described as soft, cozy and chic, meaning that the special connection between our Canadian sheep and the land can be felt by those who wear our garments.”

Conscious choices to purchase quality over quantity results in buying less clothing, a vital step for the health of the planet. “For Earth Day and beyond, we must try to survive with less,” Jardine says. “Fashion-math says that buying less equals more. SteMargScot wants to contribute to a solution and a way forward, creating longevity with our products that bring joy to the wearer.”