Mercedes-Maybach Unveils Night Series

The venerable German automaker embraces the dark side with its astounding new design package.

Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz Group AG’s ultraluxury sub-brand, continues to redefine opulence with the release of Night Series. Announced Tuesday, May 23, at an exclusive event in New York’s West Village, the three-car collection introduces a new aesthetic to the brand’s portfolio in the form of a distinctive nocturnal design package. Developed in response to existing customers’ preferences and with new customers’ tastes in mind, Night Series represents a bold evolution for the German manufacturer.

“The Mercedes-Maybach brand goes beyond the product, which is why it is so important to create experiences and options that fit our customers’ status and personal style,” says Daniel Lescow, head of Mercedes-Maybach at Mercedes-Benz Group AG. “Night Series is the next step in offering a true luxury, tailored experience targeted at a new audience but simultaneously responding to current customers’ desires.”



The package will be available for three of Mercedes-Maybach’s most popular models: the recently announced all-electric EQS SUV, the S-Class sedan, and the GLS SUV. All three have received the Night Series treatment by way of two-tone black-and-silver, all-white, or all-black exteriors and black-and-white or all-black interiors, as well as refined accent details that lend an edge to Mercedes-Maybach’s clean-cut designs. The headlights of all three models are adorned with rose gold Maybach emblems, and dark chrome trim graces the cars’ profiles. Natural Wood Herringbone trims from Manufaktur (Mercedes-Benz’s customization program) bring an old-school sophistication to the proudly modern interiors.


Night Series is the most progressive Maybach design package, says chief design officer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, Gorden Wagener. “Our goal was to create an exciting new style, offering a playful sense of rebellion that is unexpected to what you usually see in a Mercedes-Maybach.”

The Night Series package will be available in Canada for the 2024 model year for both the EQS and the S-Class, and for the 2025 model year for the GLS. Maybach Icons of Luxury, Mercedes-Maybach’s partner lifestyle company, also announced that it will debut a collection of accessories—bags, sneakers, and eyewear—inspired by the Night Series vehicles.