How to Spend a Weekend in Niagara Falls

Where to play, eat, and rest in the Golden Horseshoe’s crown jewel.

Just an hour-and-a-half drive south of Toronto, the honeymoon capital of the world feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of Bay or Queen Street. With access to Ontario’s fruit basket, gaming, and the United States, any given day in Niagara Falls can be filled with luxurious leisure experiences indoors and out. Below, NUVO has rounded up the best places to play, eat, and rest in Niagara Falls.


Where to Rest


Some of Niagara Falls’ best hotels are attached to gaming floors, including one with fantastic views of the falls and the surrounding nature. Fallsview Casino Resort is the closest the country comes to the Las Vegas Strip, featuring a massive 200,000-square-foot casino, abundant dining options such as the terrific Ponte Vecchio, and concerts and shows at its two theatres. The well-appointed rooms offer respite from the excitement below, both in the casino and at the falls—which are visible from many of the rooms. Alternatively, the Old Stone Inn, partly housed in a flour mill dating to 1904, offers a relaxed atmosphere somewhat removed from the city centre nearer to the falls. Cozy up in the Flour Mill Restaurant, a high-ceilinged space in the heart of the old building that features a massive fireplace and opulent furnishings, to enjoy breakfast, dinner, or afternoon tea.

Where to Eat


The Niagara region produces most of Ontario’s food and wine. Thanks to the fertile soil and lake- and escarpment-influenced microclimate, Niagara Falls’ surroundings deliver a bounty of delicious fruit, vegetables, and wine. To enjoy this bounty at its freshest, AG Inspired Cuisine offers a farm-to-table experience that features products from chef Cory Linkson’s farm. And if you want to both eat the local produce and be among it, the Trius Winery Restaurant’s chef Frank Dodd serves up farm-fresh dishes alongside wines from one of Canada’s most historically important wineries, home to the country’s largest underground sparkling wine cellar. Take the opportunity to explore Trius’s chardonnays and pinot noirs, two varieties with a solid footing in the region.

What to Do


Niagara Parks takes great pride in its stewardship of the parks, attractions, and experiences that make Niagara Falls wonderful. Head to the Niagara Parks Power Station and discover the 100-year history of the building that harnessed the power of the Horseshoe Falls and provided electricity to the surrounding area. Make sure to take the 55-metre elevator ride down below the station and walk through the tunnel, a recently opened attraction that takes advantage of the building’s water runoff infrastructure and offers guests unprecedented views of the Horseshoe Falls from below. And if wine is more your cup of tea, Niagara Falls abuts some of the best wine regions Canada has to offer. The nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake appellation encompasses the area to Niagara Falls’ north. While there are plenty of fantastic wineries to check out here, Two Sisters Vineyards is one of the newest. To the west, in the Niagara Escarpement’s Creek Shores sub-appellation, 13th Street Winery  crafts excellent wines in a uniquely artistic setting, with a gallery and sculpture garden on the property. Grab a bottle of the Gamay Blanc de Noir and one of the bakery’s locally famous butter tarts and enjoy a bit of culture in this stunning modern compound.


How to Get Around


As a city that’s made its name on playing, eating, and yes, drinking, Niagara Falls has numerous companies offering luxury bespoke transportation accommodations that make getting around both easy, comfortable, and safe. Community Transportation Group’s two Rolls-Royces whisk customers from winery to winery in ultimate Goodwood comfort—providing the daylong thrill of arriving at wineries in head-turning style according to a fully customizable itinerary. Alternatively, See Sight Tours can take clients to any destination in Niagara Falls, while also offering one of the most unusual experiences in the region. See Sight is one of the select tour companies that gain guests access to the Niagara Falls illumination tower. With nothing more than an iPad, visitors to the illumination tower can customize the colours of both the Canadian and American falls to their hearts’ content.