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Green is an expressive colour statement on the wrist with these timepieces sure to fashion a similar share of envy.

A combination of patterns, colours, and textures, the suit is suitable for much more than office wear. 

In recent years, automobile manufacturers have responded to the increased demand for “personal” with special designer editions created in collaboration with fashion houses.

Peter Marino is a self-proclaimed “black sheep” of the architecture world. Well known for his black leather attire, Marino has designed many of the world’s most forward-thinking retail temples.

Created by Italian textile and menswear company Ermenegildo Zegna, the ZegnArt Public art project was formed with an ambitious objective: to commission a series of public artworks in countries around the world.

Since Roman times, textile workers have used the thistle-like head of the teasel plant to raise the nap of fine cloth. And yet the teasel heads, encased in an old wooden crate, that form part of a totemic sculpture in the archives of fabric and fashion giant Ermenegildo Zegna are more than a nod to history.

It’s a rare morning in the Stratford residence of Colm and Donna Feore: both of them are at home. He’s not starring in a Broadway show, making a miniseries in Rome or finishing off a film in London. And she’s not choreographing a movie in Prague, staging an opera in Edinburgh or mounting a musical in Toronto.