Bogner Bamboo Helmet

Piste protection.

NUVO Holiday Wish List: Bogner Helmet

Regardless of the type of rider—those who stick to groomed runs, those who hike backside faces for the slightest trace of untouched powder, or those daring souls who fancy a 3-metre drop—the helmet is an essential piece of ski or snowboard equipment. Munich-based sport and apparel company Bogner has harnessed the elastic nature of bamboo to develop a stylish protective dome for snow enthusiasts. Using monocque construction (a structural approach that supports loads through an object’s external skin, similar to a ping-pong ball or egg shell), Bogner’s helmet incorporates a polycarbonate midsection, three air chambers for temperature balance, three-point safety strapping, and a twist-closure system for custom adjustment to a rider’s head. Whether you’re cautious or courageous, Bogner’s craftsmanship is sure to please, cliffs be damned.

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