A new wave of artistic talent has emerged in Copenhagen, inciting a renaissance in the realms of gastronomy, art, and architecture.

With its understated glamour, Le Drugstore is a perfectly modern homage to the past.

The newest iteration in a wave of natty getaways by global accommodation group Design Hotels.

Internationally-renowned British design house Tom Dixon Studio ventures into new territory with its collection of personal cleansing products and bathroom storage.

By eliminating the unnecessary, Miito demonstrates that design can instigate positive change.

This winter, Los Angeles-based, Edmonton-born designer Stephen Kenn, known for his sleekly functional furniture and leather goods, has joined forces with contemporary Japanese lifestyle brand Colony2139 to reimagine classic, nautical-inspired interior decor.

Each of Aesop’s six holiday gift kits was inspired by a naturalist, honouring those who have dedicated their lives to studying botany.

“My beauty philosophy has always been to keep things simple and elegant,” says Rodin. “And easy. I’ve never been a primper. I like to get up and go.”

The cosmetic industry seems to have drunk the rose Kool-Aid, and there are plenty of rose-infused products on the market.

A watering hole for the local artistic elite, London’s Library boutique hotel is the ideal post-show hang out—especially now that it has opened its own in-house restaurant, St. Luke’s Kitchen.

Frenchie may be one of London’s most buoyant, exciting new spots to dine.

Embracing the traditional Hindu system of achieving health and bodily balance through diet, yogic breathing, and the use of regenerative herbs.