7 Eye Makeup Trends for Winter 2020

Dressing the lids.

It is still mandatory to wear a face mask in public, which means our eyes will be the focus of all the makeup looks this winter. The long and cold months ahead will be a perfect time to experiment with bright colours, statement embellishments, and bold mascara. These trends have trickled down from runway stars to Instagram influencers, and now it’s your turn to try them out.


@urbandecaycosmetics via Instagram.

Metallic Smoky Eye

The classic smoky eye look is getting a revamp this winter with metallic colours, specifically blue and purple. This was a staple night-out look years ago and is now becoming an everyday style but with brighter colours. It can even be taken up another notch by using a shimmery shadow on the lid. This statement will also be sure to grab people’s attention at your next online work meeting.


Spider Lashes

This sixties trend is making a comeback for the winter season. An exaggerated bottom lash is the essential component to this look. A set of false lashes that are elongated and fluttery will do the job, or stick to mascara for a more laid-back and messy vibe.


@kyliejenner via Instagram.

Minimalistic Neon

Neon is a super fun trend to wear but can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why this touch of colour at the inner corner of the eye works so well. The neon trend goes back to the summer months, but using bright colours sparingly will be the look to have this season.


@imagebyella via Instagram.

Glittery Gold

This trend is taking makeup to the next level. Rather than playing it safe with the gold tones on a palette, this new look requires embellishments. Adding glittery flakes or rhinestones will give your everyday makeup that wow factor and is guaranteed to turn heads.


@lauren.gabrielle via Instagram.

Glossy Lid

Adding eye gloss over a light pink colour palette creates a cute and flirty feel. Clear gloss will provide an extra element to elevate your everyday makeup look. Playing around with other colours to master this trend is a great way to spend cold winter days.


@shaymitchell via Instagram.

Floating Liner

This trend has been popular recently and seems as though it will carry on into the winter months. The look will most likely evolve to incorporate different shapes and brighter colours. Using shades that contrast with each other or creating different shapes with the liner are bold statements. But the makeup can also be worn more casually with neutral tones and a classic black liner above the lid.


@rowisingh via Instagram.

Mismatched Colours

If you’re a risk-taker or love trying different things, this one’s for you. This trend has tons of options and can easily be incorporated into an outfit for any occasion (for example, red and green for Christmas). You could be bold with two opposite colours or go for a more subtle look with pastel tones.