La Mar Taylor is fostering Toronto’s next generation of global superstars at his creative incubator HXOUSE.

In celebration of Gymnastics Canada’s 50th anniversary this year, GymCan athletes—René Cournoyer, Thierry Pellerin, and Samuel Paquin—take to the gym sporting the season’s athleisure apparel.

A combination of patterns, colours, and textures, the suit is suitable for much more than office wear. 

A sartorial palette of textures dominates for fall.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Fashion designer Michael Kors, the man behind the eponymous label, sets the pace—if not the standard—for jet-set living.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The world of consumer aviation is a no-quarter-asked-no-quarter-given business littered with sky-high egos and grounded ventures. So after a lifetime spent in this unforgiving business, what drives Robert Deluce to want to continue?

There is the pretty side of a Canadian winter: pristine white landscapes glistening in the sunshine, clouds of laughter sailing like paper boats in the air, delicate snowflakes trickling down from the sky. Then there is the other side: bone-cracking, sub-zero temperatures and nightmarish winds that slice right through you.

Over morning coffee at Balzac’s in Toronto’s Distillery District, Joseph Boyden muses about where he feels most at home. “There’s something called the ‘two-spirit person’ in a lot of First Nations cultures,” he says, “meaning somebody who is never completely in one physical place, in one mental place, and I think I’m a bit of a two-spirit person.”