Mercedes-Benz is setting a new benchmark in the modern era following the release of the first all-electric production model: the EQS 680 SUV.

The wings force the hull out of the water as Candela C-8 moves forward, using approximately 80 per cent less energy.

Just three years after the launch of Cadillac’s fifth-generation gasoline-propelled flagship, the premium brand has taken the wraps off a reimagined, all-electric take on the full-size SUV: the Escalade IQ.

On the frozen pavement of Yellowstone Airport, in the picturesque western state of Montana and with the Rockies as a backdrop, Infiniti recently showcased its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system technologies offered as standard equipment across the brand’s portfolio of SUVs and cars.

Hot off the heels of the European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland, McLaren officially launched the highly anticipated 650S supercar in North America at the Vancouver International Auto Show.