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Always in fashion.

Wine and fashion. Operas and pasta. The Italians are globally famous for many, many things. Yet one of the world’s most recognizable Italian brands is not a fashion label or a wine producer. It’s a beer.

Bottom of the barrel.

It’s the way you feel after downing one too many Singapore Slings the night before: after years of binging on high oil prices, Canada’s energy sector is experiencing the mother of all hangovers.

A new vista at each turn.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Longwood Gardens, 58 kilometres southwest of Philadelphia, is one of the most spectacular public gardens in North America.

Time change.

With Apple’s entry into the smartwatch market, watchmakers are taking note that the fledgling wearable isn’t just a fad that’s going away any time soon. However, watchmakers have the unique problem of staying steadfast to their calling of making true watches.

Night trowels.

Gardens are magical places in the true sense of magic: conjuring up marvellous and compelling results mostly by harnessing the secret forces of nature. And, aptly for magic, some intriguing gardening happens under the cover of night.

Hermès pulls back the curtain on craftsmanship.

In a world where just about every brand uses all manner of legal and shady contrivances to cover up cheap, overseas production, the relatively new retail category known as superluxury, is as refreshingly honest as it is pretentious-sounding. Unlike mere luxury brands, superluxury labels revel in the work of their skilled artisans.

Kindred scents in Paris.

Scent is a finicky thing. Nicolas Cloutier, a Quebec City transplant now living in Paris, knows that personal fragrance is not something to be sniffed at. With a marketing degree from HEC Montréal in his pocket and his heart on his sleeve, the 37-year-old entrepreneur opened Nose, a one-of-a-kind perfume concept store.