FROM THE ARCHIVE: Originally from West Vancouver, model Kate Bock is beautiful and graceful, yes, but more importantly, she is adaptable, and she understands the business she’s in.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Actor Wendy Crewson provides insight into the Hollywood blockbuster stereotyping of women.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The artisan and his craft are not ordinary creatures. The essence of artisan work relies on dedication and a precision requiring a focus not common in a modern, industrial economy, if it were ever common at all.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The dress as icon. There are many reasons why in front of a campfire lacey frills and robin eggs’ blue make the image impressive. A little girl will become obsessed, refusing even to wear anything else but a dress.

Sneakers that can head from the boardwalk to the beach, boutique to the bar.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: It would be easy to consider Hermès not dissimilar from other maisons de luxe. Beyond the superficial, however, resides a philosophy and even a philosopher with a belief in the “exquisite perception of the improbable.”

FROM THE ARCHIVE: To see your world through an artist’s eyes, to participate in the act of creation, or in Barthesian terms, to create a writerly work of art, rather than to simply and passively see the artist’s world through your eyes; that is the ultimate goal of retracing the artist’s steps.

Architectural curves and a sharp sense of style frame our favourite looks from the fall/winter collections.

Moody lighting lends a bad-boy vibe to our favourite clean-cut styles from the men’s spring/summer collections.

A slick dreamworld juxtaposed with the vivid colours and patterns of wardrobe accessories from the autumn/winter collections.