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The 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith

A classic grand tourer with profound presence.

When offered a day’s drive in a new Rolls-Royce Wraith, one should accept, with haste. Then, start to daydream of where to take it and whom you know that is worthy of a ride.

It is difficult to overstate the Wraith’s presence, even when just parked on the street. The Wraith is statuesque, long, low, and with an imposing look characterized by a profound visual weight. In Infinity Black, this example has a red coachline with nicely matched wheels, as well as coach doors, which open via a rearward hinge and offer a signature flair, especially for the coupe.

Rolls-Royce offers a wide range of interior options, even at a standard level, for optimal customization. This Wraith has been optioned in a Cruella de Vil combination of bright Mugello Red leather with glossy black accents, along with the brand’s Starlight Headliner, which turns the ceiling of the car into a glowing backlit starfield.

While undoubtedly a modern car, the interior has a certain old-school feel, from the MMI navigation wheel to the entirely intuitive and subtle climate controls. The leather is soft, the stitching is perfect, and the accenting and metal work feels like something from a luxurious yacht, as does the large but thin steering wheel.

The Wraith is statuesque, long, low, and with an imposing look characterized by a profound visual weight.

Behind the wheel, the ride is smooth and relaxed, controls are light, and seemingly effortless, and the massive 6.75-litre V12 engine is only audible should you feel the need for a faster pace. (With 624 horsepower and a mountainous 590 lb-ft of torque, the Wraith is certainly up for the task.) While driving, it’s impressive how effortlessly the Wraith deals with its 2,360 kg weight. Its fast, but unlike a sports car, you don’t want to rocket to the next corner and dive on the brakes. Rather, you glide along, sometimes at great speed, crossing continents in pure grand touring fashion.

Cruising up Highway 99 towards Squamish to meet my brother for lunch, I’m making good time and marvel at just how quiet it is inside the cabin. I take a hands-free phone call at ease, with no need to speak any louder than I might in a quiet office. Once in Squamish, the Wraith is soon encircled by my brother and his coworkers. They marvel at the doors, the pop-out umbrellas built into the sills, and the glowing headliner.

Back on Highway 99 towards Whistler, the Wraith comes into its own on this climbing and curvy piece of road. Luxurious, insulating, and powerful, the Wraith is a classic grand tourer and it asks so little of me as it imperceptibly shifts gears and climbs through the mountains on a seemingly endless supply of torque.

For well-heeled titans of industry who want a defined sense of occasion, even for a short jaunt up the Sea-to-Sky Highway, the Wraith is just the ticket.


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