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Blundstone Style

Australia's boot.

Most of Australia doesn’t get much in the way of snow or slush, but Blundstone leather boots can thankfully withstand both. Durable “Blunnies”, as the Aussies call them, have been a footwear staple down under since 1870, when the company was founded by a group of settlers who emigrated from England to Hobart, Tasmania. These days, a pair of Blundstone #500 Originals can be just as easily spotted on the soles of city-dwelling hipsters as on hay-baling farmers working the fields. The boots are laceless and lightweight, with slip-on/slip-off appeal and a signature style that is only improved by a bit of scuffed wear-and-tear. This fall, Blundstone debuted new colour combinations that include a rich burgundy rubbed leather and two-tone green and brown.