DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch is a Celebration of Savoir Faire

Collection of objects.

Dior is one of the latest maisons to launch a homewares collection: DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch. The minimalist-inspired series of wooden household items was created in collaboration with interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch. Taking cues from Dior’s Château de la Colle Noire and Yovanovitch’s personal residence Château de Fabrègues, everyday objects get a dose of haute elegance. A celebration of savoir faire, the collection relies on craftsmanship and thoughtful design resulting in objets that ooze a South of France whimsy characteristic of much of Yovanovitch’s work. With the DIOR Maison X Pierre Yovanovitch collection, a humble picture frame, an unassuming tissue box, and a candle holder become extraordinary.