Introducing Céla Skin Care

Canadian grown.

In an industry rushing to release a new product line with each changing season, Celine Tadrissi took nearly a decade to launch her plant-based skin-care line, Céla. “In this field, things happen really fast,” she says. “It felt like every time I looked at a magazine, I would see this launch or this thing happening, and I [would] still [be] here.” Here in the back room of her Hammam Spa in Toronto, where she would play around with raw ingredients to eventually create the 13 core skin-care products that make up Céla, Tadrissi understands the importance of self-care, ritual, and routine, as well as the tenets of wellness and beauty. They provided the foundation for the city’s first hammam, which she opened in 2003. “I love the beauty ritual associated with the hammam treatment,” she says. “When we first opened [the spa], people said, ‘This is not going to work. No one is going to get it,’ … but it’s become part of people’s ritual.”

With Céla, Tadrissi draws inspiration from the country she calls home and what grows locally. Take a look at the landscape of Canada, the topography and the botanicals. Both are reflected in Céla’s products, from the packaging to the ingredient lists: blueberry, lavender, juniper berry, elderberry, evening primrose, rosemary. “We’ll always regard Switzerland as this miracle outpost for skin care, but we have 10 times the amount of ingredients here [in Canada] that are great in beauty products,” she points out. Tadrissi aims to champion Canada as a skin-care contender, and hopes people will make Céla part of their beauty ritual.


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