The Polaboy Frame

No need to shake.

NUVO Magazine: Lightboys Polaboy Frame

A tangible vulnerability to time makes the Polaroid a sentimental encapsulation of the past. Lightboys’ Polaboy, a modern take on the beloved photographic form, manages to retain that sense of nostalgia in an innovative format. Enlarged on a scale of 10:1 (88×107 cm), the Polaboy is a backlit wooden frame encasing an interchangeable image, powered by energy-saving LED technology. The company offers a limited-edition collection of works by international photographers such as Mathias Baumann and Wolfgang Pohn, but if your desire is of personal significance, you can choose to send in a custom photo, which will be exposed on a special slide film that can be easily switched out of the frame. Whatever your preference, the Polaboy preserves old values in a new package.