Maserati Is Changing How You Shop for Cars

A new era for sales.

In the heart of Milan’s Magenta district, Maserati has introduced an avant-garde architectural concept for its new global retail store. With cars illuminated like installation art in a gallery, the concept is a welcome break from the traditional bright and boring layout of car showrooms. A spectacular window display in which a single hero car stands out against an eye-catching LED background captures the attention of visitors and passersby.



Highlighting the House of Trident’s power and prowess in Italian craftsmanship, the new concept combines the refinement of a tailor’s shop with the rawness of a workshop. Enthusiasts can unleash their creative passion and give life to their personal vision of a Maserati as part of the Fuoriserie experience (the brand’s customization program). “Our wish here is for clients to express their passion by creating their very own Maserati,” says Davide Grasso, CEO of Maserati.


Following the world premiere in Milan, Maserati will expand the concept to its showrooms in Hong Kong, Melbourne, Madrid, and Toronto, among other locations.