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Jewellery by Tracey Emin

"I Promise to Love You".

What unifies British artist Tracey Emin’s diverse oeuvre is how deeply intimate her work feels, as demonstrated by her earlier pieces (see: My Bed, 1998) through to her most recent project, a jewellery collection created in collaboration with jeweller Stephen Webster. Entitled “I Promise to Love You”, Emin’s first foray into wearable art is comprised of gold charms based on her drawings of forest animals, as well as and rings, necklaces, and earrings crafted from phrases rendered in gold and white diamonds, including “With you I breathe” and “More passion.” The inclusion of hand-scrawled textual elements recalls the artist’s neon scripts—one of which, reading “I promise to love you”, hangs in Webster’s Rodeo Drive boutique. “They are very important and some of them are very romantic and passionate,” says Emin of the phrases she chooses for her work, “They are words that are more like a mantra that go around in my head.” Delicate, understated, and yet cheeky in keeping with Emin’s unabashedly bold persona, the pieces seem destined to find and inspire their future wearers with that particular, inexplicable agency special jewellery wields.

Feature image via Net-a-Porter.