Waterless Skincare is the Next Frontier in Sustainable Beauty


Long before the phrase clean beauty permeated our collective consciousness, Susanne Langmuir launched a natural nail polish line, Sula Beauty, followed by Bite Beauty, a collection of lip colours made with food-grade ingredients. Now the Toronto-based entrepreneur has partnered with her son Thomas to tap into another nascent beauty trend: skincare formulated without water.

Following a two-year hiatus, during which time she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Langmuir developed a renewed interest in ingredients and their impact on our health and planet. This culminated in An-hydra, a universal skin care line that debuted late last year with a single product called the Powder of Youth No. 1, a vegan, water-activated powdered cleanser that doubles as a mask, featuring hyaluronic acid and a probiotic sourced from France.

With water-free skincare, Langmuir doesn’t need to use preservatives such as parabens, and is left more room for high-performance ingredients such as vitamin C. “If you avoid water, it solves so many other problems,” she says. A big one is the need for excess packaging. Just one tiny bottle houses a three-month supply of face wash, and is refillable.

Susanne Langmuir is the founder of Sula Beauty, Bite Beauty, and now, An-Hydra.

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