Sophisticated Smoking Accessories

High design.

The aesthetics of cannabis have taken a sharp turn away from what you’d find at the neighbourhood head shop even five years ago. It may not be surprising that the creative class is spearheading the movement towards a more design-forward smoking experience. As recreational use of the plant becomes legal in Canada, we share a selection of companies and artisans that are helping to redefine cannabis culture with a new crop of beautiful smoking accessories.

Regardless of whether you’re using cannabis to augment a night with friends or you’ve been prescribed a dose by your physician, there’s a stylish accessory to meet your needs and taste. Among the creative innovations from Edmonton’s Concrete Cat studio are a range of pipes in the brand’s signature, whimsically marbled style. For the minimalist, New York’s Love + Destroy has 3-D-printed pipes in sophisticated finishes. There’s little shame in leaving out your paraphernalia when brands like Summerland offer handmade ceramic pieces so sculptural they can double as decor.

Up-and-coming brands like Tofino’s Laundry Day promote cannabis use as a part of a wellness routine, elevating the experience to a self-care ritual. Dispensaries have become community hubs, looking more like cafés or boutiques than their fluorescent-lit forebearers. Setting a precedent for these experience-oriented cannabis businesses, Kelowna start-up Doja pairs its locally grown cannabis with a collection of high-end smoking accessories and lifestyle goods from independent makers.

Thanks to brands like these, getting high never looked so sophisticated.


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