Inspired, Individualized and Intimate: A Rendezvous With Rolls-Royce Phantom

Drawing eyes on the road.

The latest example of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, dubbed the Series II, allows owners a few new ways to express themselves and draw eyes on the road. For example, there’s a new horizon line found atop the illuminated grille, giving the vehicle an even more imposing stance than its predecessor. The headlights channel the starlight headline found in the cabin, and features 580 laser-cut stars to enchant onlookers.

There are new wheel options including a massive disc wheel that is a call-back to the 1920s-era Rolls-Royce. These wheels took nearly five years to develop, and look incredible on the road with a weighty design that makes the vehicle appear as though it’s floating. Considering Rolls will describe the handling characteristic as a Magic Carpet Ride, it now looks the part.



But the real spirit of the Phantom lies in its ability to represent the owner and their character. To showcase this, the automaker provided us with ten examples of carefully curated Phantoms, each one personalized to represent a specific owner.

Some were a bit on the nose, like the bright red model called The Patriot, or The Extrovert. The latter was as loud and exuberant as a Phantom can be, while the former featured details cater to the monarchists out there, including a Union Jack etched on the C-pillar, stitched into the headrests, and painted on the dash.

We spent the day in a model dubbed The Maverick, which exuded confidence and outside-the-box thinking. It features a two-tone paint finish made up of a blue-green-tinted gray below the striking, black-painted hood, roof, and trunks. A peony-pink key line along with the profile invites further inspection. The Maverick’s massive 3D milled wheels add an extra dimension to an already seductive sedan. The Spirit of Ecstasy, the emblem found above the grille, is also customized to complete the look.


The cabin is equally striking. The seats are done up in bright, colourful upholstery to match the exterior accents, while the dark ash wood complements the overall image. The Maverick is the perfect example of just how individual a Phantom Series II can be, falling just short of being a bespoke, coach-built product.

However, the overall mechanical features of each Roll-Royce Phantom are pretty much identical, featuring a smooth and quiet 6.75-litre V12 engine sending 563 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels. But each one can be tailored and customized and individualized both inside and out to create a completely different feeling vehicle.

Rolls-Royce customers with a feel for the tropical can opt for Hawaiian Koa wood in the dash. Those with a love of the arts can have the whole cabin done up by their favourite artist, as the automaker even commissioned South African artist Ester Mahlangu to create an art car to show their customers just what’s possible. It’s led customers to swap out the starlight headliner for beautifully embroidered canvases exhibiting gorgeous and colourful flowers.


During our taste of these Phantoms in the south of France, the automaker provided excursions to spur our creativity. Would our ride feature the blues and turquoises discovered while free-diving at sea, or during a private tour of the Oceanographic museum? Perhaps the cabin materials could feature the velvety reds caught in the cellar light of a wine tasting?

There is no limit to what’s possible when designing a Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II. Customers with a story to tell are connected to the top designers at the company and can be as engaged in the process as they want. Sure, it may take time to complete such a creation, but if the intention is to share a memorable moment, or express a complete personality through a vehicle, it’s time well spent.