A Gift Guide for Beautiful Home Accents

Spruce up your home with creative design objects by talented artisans.

Home Accents NUVO gift guide

1. Gucci Chess Set


Gucci chess set home accents


Paying homage to its roots, this decorative chess set from Gucci features cast iron and aluminum alloy pieces on a beige and ebony varnished-mahogany board. The set is stored in a case adorned with the Double G motif and lined with Gucci’s nature-inspired Radura print.


2. Wick by Graypants


Graypants wick candlestick home accents black

Graypants wick candlestick home accents gold brass


With Wick, Graypants reimages a Victorian-style candlestick as a modern-day lamp or flashlight that is rechargeable and cordless. A simple tap or pinch at the top of the candle adjusts the brightness, including an ambient setting that flickers like a regular wax candle.


3. La Soufflerie Vase Tete in Champagne


Vase Obakki home accents


Obakki, the hub for artisanal objects, offers a handblown vase made from Parisian nonprofit La Soufflerie. An ideal gift for those who value multipurpose items, this vase can be a paintbrush holder, candle holder, or even a carafe.


4. Stool by Atelier Pascale Girardin


Stool by Atelier Pascale Girardin

Stool by Atelier Pascale Girardin home accents


Each piece of stoneware from Atelier Pascale Girardin is made by hand in the Montreal studio. Standing 36.5 centimetres high and 28 centimetres in diameter, this functional piece of ceramic art complements any space.


5. Fragmentia 04 Sculpture by Marcela Cure



This three-piece sculpture by Colombian artist Marcela Cure is a striking addition for the collectors of the unusual. Fragmentia 04 is made of resin and stone, with a bust, torso, and hips that can be removed or adjusted for personalization.



6. Matisse Throw by Mantas Ezcaray




Spanish craftsmanship meets warmth in the Matisse Throw by Mantas Ezcaray, available from Montreal-based store Goodee. A timeless design, this blanket adds a splash of colour and vibrancy to furniture, be it a couch, chair, pouffe, or bed.


7. Canopy Self Watering Planter




This design-award-winning glass planter (in collaboration with the Eden Project) is handcrafted from recycled glass and offers a solution for the constant traveller or forgetful person who neglects to water their greenery regularly. The planter is split in two, with a lower part to hold water and an upper part to house the plant, connected by a wick cord that carries water to the soil.



8. Le Feu Eye Fireplace in Mocca




Part fireplace, part stylish piece of furniture, Le Feu Eye bioethanol fireplace should be on everyone’s wish list. This eye-catching fireplace is customizable with three colour options and the choice of different colours for the legs. Le Feu Eye has a burner capacity of 1.6 litres and a burning time of 4.5 hours—plenty of time to warm up on a cold winter’s day.


9. Everlasting Candle Co. Sunset Collection



Introducing a candle that will never melt: handmade in Vancouver, this minimalist-style set includes oil, candles, and a chic vase for a flame that can be relit and avoids the mess made by wax candles.