Aerin Lauder Beach Cream

Catching rays.

NUVO Daily Edit: Aerin Lauder

While it may seem early to plan the contents of your beach tote, Aerin Lauder’s Beach Cream is a summer staple that will be snatched up quickly when it hits counters again in June. Lauder, the busy mother of two sons, has mastered the art of low-maintenance beauty, regardless of the season. An effortless routine is particularly ideal in the summer months when wind, surf, and turf roughens our skin and musses up our hair. The multi-purpose Beach Cream can be applied to both—it moisturizes skin with its subtly shimmering formula (a touch of bronze adds extra post-beach colour), and the sun’s rays activate a conditioning treatment for hair (it’s even safe for blondes), minimizing frizz while maintaining wavy beach tresses. To top it off, the cream’s floral-meets-coconut butter fragrance blends nicely with any lingering scents of the sea.