Dakota Dunes Resort is the latest addition to a complex that houses a casino and spectacular golf course owned and operated by the Whitecap Dakota First Nation, which has been recognized nationally for its economic and community development successes. The resort’s design delivers a fresh and downright stunning result.

Finding, collecting, and consuming wild edibles can seem overwhelming at first—it’s just all so green! Basic education is key, whether it comes from books, workshops, or walks in the field with a pro.

Call them gourmet, artisan, or fit for the connoisseur, no matter the description, we can certainly say they’re all delicious. So when the weekly grocery run is done, head to one of these Winnipeg-based specialty food shops that stock the high-end, the hard-to-find, and the fabulously fun.

Saskatoon’s culinary scene offers unexpected, innovative, and delicious dishes that just might knock your mukluks off this winter.

The following list takes a deep-dive into the art of coziness, showcasing weekend getaways to quintessential Canadian cottages in Manitoba.

Dining al fresco in the dead of a Winnipeg winter may not sound appealing—yet locals and visitors alike have eagerly done just that for the past six years, all in the name of the renowned culinary pop-up, Raw:Almond.