Barcelona is known for a lot of things—powdery beaches, Gaudí architecture, tapas bars. Perhaps because its sun-worshipping, party-all-night reputation takes precedence, Barcelona has never been known as a beauty destination. That’s all beginning to change.

The architecture of California wine country has become synonymous with the “modern farmhouse” style popularized by Bay Area architect Howard Backen. But in recent years, a new generation of architects have arrived on the scene, drawing on their diverse backgrounds and their clients’ creative visions to break the farmhouse mould.

Surfers will go to the far ends of the Earth in search of perfect waves. But in Nova Scotia, you can chase world-class surf on your lunch break—seriously.

Spread over two floors, Harvey House is an inviting space, with warm wood and marble surfaces, a lively open kitchen, and locally-discovered vintage fixtures. The Papachs transformed the old train station over a three-year period, building a 2,000-square-foot prep kitchen, changing the layout, and enclosing a former train platform in glass.