Italy’s Minotti family—long-time leaders in the quality furniture game—unveil a new 11,000-square-foot showroom in Toronto’s King East Design District.

Together with a brigade of more than 30 creative colleagues, Lori Morris brings a sassy, exuberant union of modern and traditional flourishes to dwellings in Ontario, Florida, Texas, and California.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Omar Gandhi’s portfolio of architecture highlights the spirit of its East Coast surroundings. Expanding his Halifax-based practice to Toronto, Gandhi continues to create structures that define perfection in simplicity.

“Bulthaup has always been focused on design and has manufactured without compromise. The level of detailing is the best. Bulthaup goes a little further, a little thinner.”

Biochemistry and buffet tables are hardly bedfellows. When was the last time you heard those two terms in a sentence? And yet Catherine Vayssier breezily flits between the two subjects as if it’s commonplace.

Most people know painter Amedeo Modigliani’s famous portraits of sad, eerily empty-eyed women with elongated faces. But have you ever seen them reinterpreted as mosaics?

FROM THE ARCHIVE: To most people a faucet is a faucet and that’s pretty much it. But Paul Flowers of Germany’s Grohe waxes poetic about the utilitarian fixture the way some people do about important paintings.

Every so often, you meet someone who seems to operate on a different plane, like 35-year-old designer Oki Sato. Sato says the sort of witty yet poignant aphorisms you could imagine coming from Andy Warhol. “At lunchtime, I go to the same restaurant. I have the same bowl of noodles,” says Sato, in Toronto for the Interior Design Show (IDS).

Colette van den Thillart’s dining room in the Rosedale neighbourhood of Toronto offers many thrilling moments, with art books commingling with design classics and biographies canoodling with false-front books. She had the fakes fashioned from plaster in the United Kingdom to fit the nooks in the room that weren’t deep enough to accommodate books.