With organic ingredients, built-in benefits, and innovative textures, the newest self-tanners make it easy to get a natural glow minus the sun.

The dominance of wellness is changing the men’s skin-care game, giving rise to supercharged natural formulas targeted at the needs of fitness buffs.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: The clarity and cuts of crystalware take on a different edge when photographed against graphic backdrops.

“Frankie, go get her!” I hear these words as I step off the elevator and walk to the door of Rose-Marie Swift’s apartment in downtown New York, where the makeup artist has lived for more than two decades. Frankie is the adorable dog that greets me, a Yorkshire terrier that Swift shares with her friend—and long time client—the model Miranda Kerr.

Early morning sunlight streams through the 500-square-foot studio of perfumer Anne McClain as she leans over her pinewood workbench. The lush scents of perfumes, elixirs, and beeswax moulds surround McClain in her greenhouse-like space.

Keeping skin healthy as decades pass can be as easy as remembering this adage: accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and be wise enough to tell the difference.