Songs about Canada—that is, specific places on the Canadian map—are relatively rare. There have been some over the years, but compared to the USA, north of the 49th tends to get short shrift from the recording industry.

Regularly reaping awards and pleasing palates around the world, Oka remains a perennial favourite.

Dosist is set on destigmatizing cannabis use with its specially formulated “dose pens” meant to soothe, excite, and rejuvenate.

There are no wrong choices—but there are many choices. Let this guide help you navigate the city’s Chinese food scene.

Though every Canadian region has its sweet specialties, many are unknown beyond their particular places of origin—which is a shame, because they’re all delicious.

Though their origin is unclear, buttered eggs remain a regional delight.

Across Canada, there are great breweries crafting hearty ales, and sausage-makers producing rich and interesting links to accompany them, and it seems Albertans are leading the charge.

To better understand the nuances of holding the title of poet laureate, we spoke to laureates from select Canadian cities (and a Territory) about what the title means to them.

The cosmetic industry seems to have drunk the rose Kool-Aid, and there are plenty of new rose-infused products on the market this summer.

No matter how many steps in your home skin care routine, the application of a mask—the natural predator of dryness and dullness—is always key.