Various dealerships.


BMW, among others, imagines a world where cars park themselves, come get you on demand, and can be shared with friends via an app.

With an updated exterior design, this handsome third-gen X3 is a welcome refresh of the previous generations’ dated looks.

This year’s Paris Motor Show featured a number of headline-stealing premieres that sent ripples across the automotive landscape.

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG—better known today as the BMW Group—marked its 100th anniversary on March 7th in Munich this year.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Of the new generation of automotive designers, one man stands out—not just for his success rate in designing a sequence of very desirable cars, but also for his sheer humility. That man is Karim Habib.

As a result of the Art Car series, BMW has had a role in some of the most beautiful cars ever seen on the race track. There are more to come.