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Porsche Launches Type7 Magazine

An Instagram daily for Porsche enthusiasts.

Porsche has teamed up with automotive photographer and personality Ted Gushue to launch @type7, an Instagram account that acts as a daily lifestyle magazine focusing on the human side of the Porsche world. Named for a fundamental prototype of the 911 called the Type 754, the publication is a must-follow for anyone interested in the personalities and philosophies that orbit this famed German brand.

As Porsche has its own Instagram account with more than 13 million followers (not to mention all of the market-specific accounts like @porschecanada), it’s interesting to see the brand adopt such a boutique method to the platform. While Instagram is generally understood as a visual medium, Type7 goes a step further by adding a full story in the photo description, crossing Instagram with a blog-like element that provides context and speaks directly to the lifestyle aspect of car appreciation.

Named for a fundamental prototype of the 911, Type7 is a must-follow for anyone interested in the personalities and philosophies that orbit Porsche.

Gushue, a rising star in the automotive world, veteran of the classic car publication Petrolicious, and proprietor of his own impressive Instagram account (@tedgushue), is a strong choice for the medium. He brings a discerning eye for design and skillful photographic styling to the publication, accompanied by stories of noteworthy models, the history of Porsche design, and Porsche owners, many of whom are friends of Gushue.

As a complement to a large corporate account, Type7 feels savvy, well-produced, and charmingly laid-back. Success on Instagram is as much about the photography as it is the personality behind each image, and I think projects like Type7 inject a human element into what can otherwise feel like bland corporate communication and marketing hand-out photography.

Despite having only launched on December 15, Type7 has already garnered a respectable (and growing) 5,000 followers. It’s a valuable addition to any Instagram feed and I’ve enjoyed many of the stories they’ve already shared (including some guest photography from the very talented Amy Shore). It’s hard to do brand-backed lifestyle content that doesn’t feel forced or heavy-handed, but Type7 seems to have found that balance with lovely photography, interesting people, and a varied supply of enthusiast-focused stories.


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