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Nanan, Wroclaw, Poland

Pretty in millennial pink.

The plush interior of Nanan Patisserie by Polish design firm Buck Studio is as sweet as it gets. To the delight of foodies and design enthusiasts worldwide, the 96-square-metre, 14-seat café opened its doors in Wroclaw, Poland, last year, serving traditional French pralines and pastries (the éclair in particular).

While their desserts are alluring, however, it’s Nanan’s lovely decor that’s won the hearts of many patrons. Sitting pretty in the tint du moment, rose quartz (also known as millennial pink), Nanan puts the trendy colour to work, with mouth-watering results. The versatile peachy-salmon hue, co-appointed Colour of the Year 2016 by colour authority Pantone, has taken the fashion and furniture industries by storm with its soft, understated charm and neutrality; it’s pretty without being girly, subtle yet not boring. A stylistic nod to the rise of unisex fashion, the shade has perhaps paradoxically become an emblem of both inclusivity and definitive good taste.

At Nanan, about 50 slightly distinct tones of pink pair with voluptuous architectural curves, delicate brass details, and lush surfaces in velvet and marble; the patisserie feels at once retro and modern, timeless yet very much now. Informed by the éclair’s oblong shape, the space is marked by an oval motif, which can be spotted in the arched windows, doorways, tables, and most notably, in the bespoke display counter and light fixtures. Minimalist restraint meets sultry flair for an overall design that’s equal parts dapper and dainty.

Every aspect of the Nanan project, from signage, to packaging, to staff attire, was created in collaboration with Buck Studio, making for a totally holistic and harmonious atmosphere that’s as refined as its menu.

Nanan Patisserie, 50-120, Kotlarska 32, Wrocław, Poland.

Photos courtesy of Buck Studio.


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