Haas Monster Incense Burner.

A Fantasy-Themed Home Collection by L’OBJET Haas Brothers

Wild things.

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Enter another world where the rules of reality are forgotten, strange creatures lurk, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. In a combination of imagination and talent, Los Angeles–based artists and brothers Nikolai and Simon Haas joined forces with Israeli-born L’OBJET founder and creative director Elad Yifrach for a fantasy-themed home collection. Handcrafted and supported by 3D-printing technology to transport designs from the brothers in L.A to L’OBJET’s Portugal atelier, the series balances artisanal beauty with new technology innovation.


From left: Haas Fox Salad Monster Serving Bowl; Haas Dunja Coffee + Tea Pot; Haas Lynda Box + Plates.


The collection includes home decor items that take the form of imaginary monsters, from subtle porcelain-and-gold tableware to intricate horned ornamental pieces, inspired by the desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. Here, a tasteful ode to child-like imagination meets refined, high-quality craftsmanship. The collection is a world unto itself—but be warned, here wild things roam free.


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Post Date:

May 29, 2019