Lineage Ceramics’ Family Ties

Blue Collection.

Anyone who’s had a bite of their favourite childhood dish years into adulthood knows food has the power to transport us, and for Vancouver-based ceramic designer Shuobi Wu, so does the tableware it’s served on. Wu founded Lineage Ceramics in 2020 to share his family’s heritage from Chaozhou in southeasttern China. The new Blue Collection stands out from the company’s usual earthy browns, deep blacks, dove greys, and warm whites—it’s a lively azure dubbed “marine blue.” Designed in Vancouver and handcrafted in Chaozhou, all of Wu’s work draws inspiration from his childhood near the water, but the Blue Collection is especially close to his heart. “I always look to source ideas and cuisines that inspire me from around the world, but this colour adds the story of my background to our collection,” he says.