Missoni’s New Self-Titled History is a Study in Missonology

A fashion opus.

Missoni: The Great Italian Fashion is on sale now.

Zigzags, colour, and Italian flair come together in a fashion opus celebrating an iconic brand’s 66 years of influence. Missoni’s self-titled tome is a reflection on the language of design, where images, text, original fabrics, drawings, graphics, colour trials, and dress patterns are in conversation. The volume acts as a timeline from the 1950s to the present, organized by theme and introduced by members of the Missoni family. One particular chapter, a rumination on beauty and harmony, offers a history of the brand from the perspective of the graphic chevron knitwear that is instantly recognizable as Missoni. The volume doesn’t shy away from the highs (the patchwork pullover worn by Lino Capolicchio on the cover of L’UOMO Vogue that became an art installation) and the not-so-highs (the runway wardrobe malfunction of 1967). Over the years, Missoni has created works of art, this fabric–bound edition being an oggetto d’arte in its own right.




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