Lingua Franca: Custom Hand-Embroidered Cashmere Sweaters

Say it with a sweater.

Photo provided by Lingua Franca NYC.


Want to make a statement? Spell yours out with a sweater from Lingua Franca, with a slogan, an inspiring call to action, or a trending topic hand-embroidered across the chest in swirly cursive. You decide the message—“the future is female”, “time’s up”, “love is love”—and a female embroiderer will turn a fair trade cashmere sweater into a fashion statement. Lingua Franca was unwittingly born when founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, during a bout of postpartum anxiety after the birth of her second child, posted a photo to Instagram of an old sweater she had lying around on which she had embroidered “booyah”, riffing on hip-hop lyrics. Requests from friends soon followed and MacPherson, now three years in as the designer, has taken a skill taught to her by her grandmother and turned it into a business.


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