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Sally England Macramé

Knot worthy.

Macramé is often considered campy, not classy (blame those strange owls with the off-putting wooden eyes). Sally England, a Michigan-based fibre artist, is helping to revive and modernize the knot-based craft in a way that even the most discerning design lover could appreciate. Her work—which is used to decorate select Ace Hotel outposts—plays with macramé’s flower-child past (she does the occasional spider-plant hanger), but updates it. She tends to use white cotton rope (almost never brown jute), and her patterns have a spare, understated geometry. Some of her recent pieces, displayed at this year’s NYCxDesign festival as part of Sight Unseen’s Offsite exhibition, can even be described as glamorous—with over scaled twists and turns in shimmering gold and stately black.

Photos by Carson Davis Brown.