Gucci Bamboo Shopper

Humanitarian handbag.

NUVO magazine: Gucci Bamboo Shopper

H Project, Holt Renfrew’s collaborative shop-in-shop, studiously supplies its shelves with items that have an emphasis on craft and culture, a curation of unique products from around the world. This October, Holt Renfrew will launch an updated version of their Gucci Bamboo Shopper, a tote that Gucci has designed exclusively for Holt’s featuring a deep burgundy python print and topped off with the bag’s namesake bamboo handle. The collaboration will yield an extremely limited collection of 20 handbags available at Holt Renfrew. A portion of the proceeds from each bag sold will be donated to UNICEF’s Schools for Africa. This initiative marks the H Project’s tenth charitable collaboration, continuing its practice of style with a cause.