Artist Jolinda Linden

Ceramic scientist.

NUVO Magazine: Jolinda Linden

“It’s bigger than just me,” says the artist, describing her processes as an ongoing scientific experiment. “It’s the discovery of what it [clay] can do. I have to give my work over to the kiln for a good 24 hours and just see what happens.”

Each individual piece is cut or shaped by hand before being meticulously organized and affixed onto large panels. “My fascination with repetition, squares, and detail just became a sort of mantra in form,” says Linden.

After moving to Vancouver with her husband 10 years ago and starting a family, the Montana-born artist allowed herself to focus on exploring themes that had always inspired her. Her recent series “Method 11”—shown earlier this year at Becker Galleries in Vancouver—is an assemblage of practised techniques. A collection of these artworks will be on display at Tantalus Vineyards in Kelowna from September to mid-October.

Now working from her home studio in Seattle, Linden is excited to have discovered some favourable results with a black porcelain: it reacts with glass to create a deep indigo colour. “When I look for a new element, I’m looking for the chemical reaction,” she says. “Porcelain is limitless. And that’s what is so exciting.”

Photo by David Duncan.