Model Milk

308 17th Avenue
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2G 1P3


If the art of plating a dish didn’t already have its own set of challenges, certainly performing under a ticking clock in a room full of observers adds to that pressure. This past weekend at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts on Granville Island in Vancouver, British Columbia, eight of the country’s brightest new talent did just that.

Cointreau is in search of a Canadian muse—the country’s most creative female bartender. Each competitor has been tasked with creating a unique recipe centred on Cointreau, specifically the classic Cointreau Fizz cocktail.

A melding of culinary creativity took place this Tuesday when Calgary’s Model Milk bistro joined forces with Wildebeest in Vancouver for a one-night-only, six-course dinner. Thoughtful pairings took precedence both behind the bar and in the open kitchen at the hands of Model Milk’s chef Justin Leboe and Wildebeest’s chef Wesley Young.