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With organic ingredients, built-in benefits, and innovative textures, the newest self-tanners make it easy to get a natural glow minus the sun.

These days, everyone wants bespoke—from tailored suits to off-the-beaten-track vacations, and now, skin care.

Aside from taking care of ourselves and bathing in SPF 50, what can we do to keep ourselves youthful all over, or reverse the damage we’ve already done?

LED therapy as a skin saviour is a growing popular treatment for those looking to target everything from acne and sensitivity to wrinkles and age spots.

A stone’s throw away from the CN Tower and in the middle of the city’s downtown core is the Ritz-Carlton Toronto, posh and proper as only a Ritz property can be.

Prisca Courtin-Clarins, one of four heiresses to the family-owned Clarins beauty empire, has a career that may just be the envy of all women.

HOLIDAY WISH LIST: In 1985, Clarins debuted its Double Serum, packaged in a double-pump bottle with neighbouring vials to enable an otherwise impossible combination of water- and oil-soluble ingredients.

There is a certain allure in how a woman’s face changes with time. In our 20s, cheeks are crimson with youth and promise; our 30s are when laughs and wisdom translate into crinkles around the eyes; and as we pass 40, we begin to embrace (albeit reluctantly) the definition of looking distinguished. Each decade that passes leaves its indelible mark on our faces.