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The Projects of Moshe Safdie, 1967–2007

Building legacies.

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Esteemed architect Moshe Safdie has left his mark worldwide. From his debut at Expo 67 in Montreal, Quebec, to projects like the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum in Jerusalem, Safdie has built himself a resumé as varied as it is accomplished. “Every building starts with a sketch,” he says, explaining an imperative part of his process, particularly for an architect who takes cues from the unique circumstances of each project he begins. This translates into Safdie’s ability to not just tell a story with his structures, but also to embody a narrative within the walls—a quality rare and revered. Here, we take a journey through a few of his renowned works created between the years 1967–2007, including Habitat ’67, the National Gallery of Canada, and Vancouver’s Library Square.

View a selection of Moshe Safdie’s projects from 2008-2013.

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Post Date:

February 5, 2014