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Casper’s Nap Tour

Asleep behind the wheel.

Casper, the two-year-old American start-up known for its easy-to-buy mattresses (and for making its first million in under a month), has launched its summer 2016 Nap Tour, hoping Canadians nationwide will join them in bed. The Casper Nap Tour Bus sees a trailer outfitted with four Japanese pod hotel–inspired octagonal sleep nooks, each filled with a mattress and the line’s own pillows and sheets. “Our mission is to help people sleep better so as to live more wakeful lives,” says Nicole Tapscott, Casper’s Canadian general manager. “The idea of the Nap Tour was to give people an opportunity to experience our products in a whimsical way.” Indeed, each pod features fans, piped-in lullabies, and a little red phone you may listen to bedtime stories through. Visitors can drop in, or make nap appointments ahead of time (and yes, linens are changed and washed between guests). An inventive way to squeeze in more shut-eye, this cute tour may just be the sleeper hit of the summer.

Casper’s Napmobile’s Western Canadian stops will be in Vancouver July 1–3, and Calgary July 7–10. More dates, here.