Where to Find the Best Sweet Treats in Winnipeg

A city of sweetness.

Jenna Rae Cakes

Sweet indulgence at Jenna Rae Cakes. Photo by Brittany Mahood.


Jenna Rae Cakes’ sweet success

Saturday morning ques are out the door at this crisp white bakeshop. Display cases are filled with rows of macarons, cookie sandwiches, chocolate-covered Oreos, truffles, and cakes of all shapes and sizes—from classic cupcakes and cheesecakes, to golf ball-sized cake “gems”, to tiered towers four layers tall. The latest offerings to grace the menu are Jenna’s “uniCORN” invention (glittery cotton candied popcorn), with tarts and cream puffs and giant macaron ice cream sandwiches.




Bronuts, Daily Edit

Birthday cake doughnut at Bronuts.


Bronuts in the Exchange District

The menu at this fraternally co-owned doughnut shop reads more like a roll call than an ingredient list. Here, you’ll order Edgars and Lizzies, Dons and Harriets—a far more fun way to ask for Boston cream and certainly less of a mouthful than “beet glaze with toasted caraway”. A seasonally rotating menu typically presents eight flavours, a mix of classics, newbies, and, on Fridays, a specialty like champagne dip, Rice Krispies, or apple rose pistachio.




Jeanne's Bakery, Winnipeg

Jeanne’s Bakery cake as illustrated by Courtney Colbon.



Jeanne’s Bakery creates sweet memories

Coveted for its shortbread cookie base, signature icing, and Belgian chocolate shavings, the appeal of Jeanne’s cake goes beyond its ingredients. These log cakes have become beacons of nostalgia, having been at the heart of birthday celebrations for more than 80 years. The bakery also offers specialist cakes and themed sugar cookies in support of the Winnipeg Jets.




The cardamom date latte at Forth. Photo by @biteofwpg.



Wash it all down with a cardamom date latte at Forth

A latte at this Exchange District café, shatters all expectations. The cardamom date latte starts with a purée of honey, dates, and cardamom. A double shot of espresso gets swirled in, then a fill of steamed milk. The cup is garnished with a dehydrated lemon with a hint of cinnamon. If that doesn’t count as a sweet treat, we don’t know what does.



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